How to Use Third Party Alarm Apps Properly on iPhone

By: Unknown, August 16, 2014
With the release of iOS 8, Apple has shown the world that it's moving towards a more flexible and open system with Extensions. One of the most annoying limitations I face that has not yet been addressed is how alarm apps can not bypass Do Not Disturb. Do Not Disturb is a feature Apple announced with iOS 6 that silents your notifications completely and avoids the screen lighting up or your phone vibrating during the night. I rely on this feature to ensure I get my peaceful goodnight sleep.

However, the alarm in iOS is the only app that can bypass Do Not Disturb (as well as phone but that's off by default). I recently downloaded CARROT Alarm. It makes waking up a lot more fun than regular alarms. However it requires me to keep my phone unlocked and the app running if I want to wake up since it can't bypass Do Not Disturb.

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I figured out a little trick that avoids this whole problem.

My alarm rings at 10:30 every morning. Using the settings app I made the iPhone automatically turn off Do Not Disturb at 10:29. Therefore my Do Not Disturb is helping me avoid waking up to all sorts of notifications throughout the night, but it turns off right before my alarm and so my alarm will ring and wake me up.

It's a handy little trick that solves the alarm apps problem on iPhones. Hopefully Apple addresses this issue in a future update to iOS.

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