Lucky Dragon- a game that makes dragons cute

By: Unknown, August 8, 2014

Apple updates the hardware of the iPhone every year to allow it to run games with more intense graphics and gameplay. The iPhone 5S features a powerful 64 bit processor that allows the 4 inch device to run games with almost console-level graphics. Yet, users tend to like simple games with minimal graphics that require a tap or so to play a game (think of flappy bird).

I am one of those users who wants a quick game to play on the go, and if you are too, then I'm sure you'll enjoy Lucky Dragon.

Developed in France by Studio Baikin, the game features a cute little dragon that wants to get lucky by completing all the levels. There are more than 200 levels to complete. You start with 3 lives and need to complete all levels without running out of lives. Keep in mind you can pick up a life in some levels.

The problem with this system is that the first few levels will be very repetitive since they'll be played multiple times over and over again as users try to complete the game.

The gameplay in Lucky Dragon is extremely simple. Tap anywhere to switch the walls, there are two positions for each wall and tapping alters the position for all the walls. Some levels are completed in one tap, meanwhile others require a few taps to alter the walls several times as the dragon flies through the map. You can also tap on stars or lives to collect them, tapping on them will not alter the walls.

Although the idea is simple, there is a problem with altering the walls. The path the dragon is traveling in is unclear, so the user is unaware of where the dragon will go next. This could result in the dragon flying into a wall below him meanwhile you thought he'll fly above it anyway. It is also easy to mistake a wall for the ground since they are often the same color.

(Ignore the changing life count)
I've been testing the game for a few days now and it definitely is fun and worth trying. The game play and the idea behind it are unique and it's a great way to pass time enjoyably. A small technical issue with the game is when you mute your device, the game music still plays out loud, and there's no mute button in the game itself. So you'll have to lower the volume manually.

Lucky Dragons is available for both iPhone and iPad as a universal app as well as Android for a great $1.99 price. Be sure to check it out and share your thoughts on the game as a comment.

-Download Lucky Dragons for iOS
-Download Lucky Dragons for Android 

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