Mustard- Upcoming App To Find Someone To Do Something Now

By: Unknown, August 23, 2014
Smartphones have helped us with many things in our lives. It's now a lot easier to keep in touch with family and friends that lives continents away. You can turn your lights on and off using your smartphone, as well as order pizza in one tap. There are still aspects of our life that haven't been improved by smartphones yet, such as finding someone to hang out with right now. And that's what Mustard is for.

Mustard is an upcoming app that lets you find people to hang out with. No more sending messages in group chats and never reaching a conclusion, and no more texting a lot of people to find out if they're free. Mustard solves all that.

You can check in as free for temporary periods of time such as 2 hours or the weekend, and friends will do the same. This will lead to you having a list of all your free friends at the current time. So if you're bored at home and want to grab some coffee with a friend or if you want to watch a movie in the weekend; you can just open Mustard and see who's free too.

Mustard has a lot of potential. I think it'll kick off really well since I'm sure it'll help most people one way or another. I can already see it helping me in the future when the app is released.

I asked the founder of Mustard, Matt Hurley, why would people use Mustard to connect with their friends rather than traditional texting and calling. His response was:
While there is definitely no shortage of services keeping you "connected" to your friends - showing you what they've been doing, where they've been, or helping you organise events in the future - nothing answers the question: which of my friends is looking for something to do, right now? Traditional texting or calling is certainly an option if you know who to call, but finding someone who is available and keen can prove difficult.

Mustard will provide a simple answer to that question by showing you which of your friends are keen when you are. It could be someone you see regularly, or someone you haven't seen for years.
He absolutely nailed it. Mustard is an app to serve a completely different purpose than texting people when you're bored. Instead, it helps you meet these people in real life and have face to face conversations with them, which is a lot more sociable than online communication.

To keep up with Mustard, make sure you join their mailing list for prototypes and betas: 

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