2 Reasons Why Samsung should stop bashing Apple in its ads

By: Unknown, September 27, 2014
Whenever a new iPhone is announced or released, we get two sets of ads. One set of ads from Apple promoting the iPhone, and another set from Samsung bashing the iPhone. Whenever a new Samsung phone is released we also get two sets of ads, one set from Samsung promoting the phone, and another set from Samsung bashing the iPhone again.

Although Android fans tend to enjoy anything that bashes Apple, below are two reasons why I believe Samsung should stop bashing Apple in its ads.

1- It's pointless

The audience of Samsung's adverts can be split into three groups.

The first group consists of the Samsung/Android lovers who find the ads funny and already own an Android phone. If they own a Samsung they're not being convinced to stay with Samsung. If they own another Android phone such as HTC then they're not being convinced to switch since the advert only bashes Apple and doesn't show why Samsung is better than the HTC.

The second group are the Apple lovers. They find it annoying how Samsung regularly bashes their phone, and feel offended when Samsung insults Apple customers and portrays them as stupid. All this does is make Apple lovers hate Samsung and go against it; not a very good way to convince them to buy a Samsung phone, is it?

The third group are the non-technologically advanced. That's just an average user, perhaps like your parents. They are not concerned with the latest breaking features in a smart phone and just tend to stick with whatever phone they have for a very long time. And while they may chuckle at one of those ads, there's nothing in there that convinces them to buy a Samsung phone. Chances are, they have no clue what multi window is.

So who is Samsung convincing to buy their latest phones with these Apple-bashing adverts?

2- Being Different

3 years ago, the only real smart phone war was between Apple and Samsung. Both companies were pretty much the only ones with a significant market share. However today, it's different. We've got LG, HTC, Nokia and other manufacturers with great smart phones in the market; and a higher market share than before. So what used to be an Apple vs Samsung fight has turned into a much bigger fight: Apple vs All Android Manufacturers.

You hardly ever see an ad where Samsung is bashing HTC, or where LG is mocking Samsung. These things don't happen. It's almost as if all these companies are teamed up. Samsung used to be different, it was all the way up at the top with Apple, now it's among dozens of other manufacturers all fighting Apple.

Samsung needs to make itself different again. And bashing Apple is the most common form of advertising right now.


Samsung has some great ads where it actually promotes its phones. These ads show the audience reasons as to why they should buy the Galaxy S5 for example. However, the ads where it bashes Apple are no good in my opinion.

Do you think Samsung should continue bashing Apple in its ads? Or should it stick to just promoting it's own products?

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