Best free apps to watch movies and tv shows on iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac & PC

By: Unknown, September 26, 2014
Before you go ahead and read the article, please be aware that all the apps below use piracy for content. While Alwaraki Blog is against piracy, people living in countries in the Middle East and elsewhere where there’s no Netflix or a good selection of movies and shows on iTunes have no choice other than piracy.

If you have a method of watching shows and movies legally please do not pirate.

iPhone and iPad

For iOS users, the best app is Movie Box. You can get the app from Cydia if your device is jail broken, or Safari if it isn’t.


Add the source:

Install Movie Box from the added source.

Safari (works on iOS 8 and iPhone 6):

Head over to

Hit the big green button and accept the install. Then open Settings –> General –> Date & Time. Change your device’s date back to June for the installation to succeed. You can change it back later. If the app fails to launch in the future simply change the date back to June, launch the app, and change it back.

Android (Samsung, HTC, Sony, Etc.)

Just click on this link and your download will start:  .. sometimes I wish I have an Android phone.

Mac & PC

Head over to and select your operating system. This app works on Mac, Windows and Linux.

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