Everything Apple Announced In The September 9 Event

By: Unknown, September 12, 2014
On September 9 2014, Apple held it's iPhone 6 event. Most announcements were rumored and predicted in advance, but we weren't aware of all details until they were announced.

Apple announced two new iPhones: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Additionally Apple announced Apple Pay, a new payment system replacing credit cards and also the Apple Watch which probably was the most anticipated Apple product for years.

I'll cover details of all three products in this post.

iPhone 6

The iPhone was updated with a larger display. Similar to last year, we saw two new iPhones. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus feature a 4.7 and 5.5 inch screen respectively. Both phones have a new Retina HD display.

The iPhones got heavier due to the larger screens, but are now slightly thinner than the iPhone 5S.

Battery life did improve in the new iPhones too. Perhaps in most cases it's not too dramatic but there is a pretty good increase in the 6 plus.

The pixels per inch in the iPhone 6 screen is the same 326 value as the 5S, but the iPhone 6 plus increased to 401 ppi.

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have been visually updated to look a lot more modern. I'm happy with the new design but not so happy with the larger screens.

The new iPhones are faster, have better cameras and so on. They will come pre-installed with Apple's newest mobile operating system: iOS 8. iOS 8 brought forward new features such as interactive notifications and widgets. It also introduces powerful extensions to the iPhone.

Apple increased the iPhone storage from 16, 32 and 64 GB to 32, 64 and 128 GB. The iPhone 6 sells for $199, $299 and $399 for each storage space respectively, meanwhile the 6 Plus sells for $299, $399 and $499.

Apple Pay

As outlined by CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, there are several problems with credit cards:

  1. They are not secure, the credit card number is engraved into the card so anyone who steals the card can see it
  2. It's a very slow problem that involves several steps
  3. It doesn't keep your identity private
Apple Pay should solve all these problems.

It is secure since your credit card details are not available on your iPhone or Apple Watch. Also, if you lose your iPhone you can use Find my iPhone to disable payments from your device.

There are very few steps in using Apple Pay at a store. Actually there is only one step. Put your iPhone next to the scanner and the transaction is complete. Apple is not informed of where your transaction took place or how much it cost.

To add a credit card to Apple Pay you simply use Passbook to scan the card.

Apple Pay is a really interesting form of payments. It'll become available early 2015 in the US. More countries should be added later. The service makes payments more convenient but couldn't be released at a worst time considering the iCloud celebrity nudes hack took place recently.

Apple Watch

Previously rumored as iWatch, Apple's newest product took the biggest spotlight this year. The Apple Watch features a gorgeous design that makes smart watches fashionable. The Moto 360 also looks nice, but Apple's take on the watch is to make it look different to a regular watch, yet not too different to make it stand out too much.

Apple Watch has a variety of straps in different colors to make it blend in with the clothes you're wearing. Additionally, there are magnetic metal straps as well as regular watch straps. It's unclear weather or not a user can buy separate straps, although that will probably be the case.

Apple's Digital Crown Is A Game Changer

The Apple Watch will do to watches what the iPad did to tablets. Tablets existed long before the iPad. Their issue was that they run a computer interface that was designed to work with a keyboard and mouse. Similarly, smart watches before the Apple Watch feel like a small sized phone strapped to your wrist. However, the Apple Watch was designed to run differently to a phone. Features such as Digital Crown make this possible. Digital Crown is Apple's take on the regular crown in watches. The crown is used to allows users to use the watch without covering it up with their fingers.

Additionally, the software on the Apple Watch looks and feels different to a regular phone. Apple introduced user-created emojis as well as quick replies (similar to Quick Type on iOS 8) and more.

There are three collections of Apple Watch:

It's interesting to see how the Apple Watch will turn out in the future. Most fans and journalists are pleased with the new device and excited for its release. However, as with every new Apple product, it has received its fair share of hate, sarcasm and parody videos.

We haven't been told everything about the Apple Watch yet. It will start at $349 and go on sale early 2015. An exact release date as well as tech specs have not yet been revealed.

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