Video shows leaked iPhone 6 put together from factory parts

By: Unknown, September 6, 2014
With just 4 days until Apple announces a beautiful and fresh new iPhone; leaks, rumors and concepts are everywhere. Rozetked, a Russian youtuber put together a 4.7 inch iPhone 6 using parts stolen from the production line. The result is a genuine looking iPhone that could possibly be Apple's upcoming iPhone.

The leaked iPhone has an original system board featuring an A8 processor and an NFC chip according to Rozetked.

There are a few changes made according to the video:
  • The lock button is now on the right side to make it easier to reach on a 4.7 inch screen.
  • The Apple logo is made of liquid metal which is very resistant and difficult to scratch.
  • The Facetime front camera is next to the dynamic speaker rather than above it, similar to the iPhone 4 and 4S
Below are a few pictures of the leaked iPhone 6.

iPhone 5S (left), iPhone 6 (right)

Side by side back view

The inside of the iPhone 6

Camera lens popping out
As much as I love the redesigned iPhone 6, one problem is the camera lens popping out in the last picture. Apparently, Apple wanted to make the iPhone as slim as possible, and couldn't slim down the iSight camera anymore. As a result, the camera lens awkwardly sticks out.

Other than that, the iPhone 6 looks great and fresh in this video.

Apple is due to announce the iPhone 6 as well as a wearable device in it's event on September 9. Alwaraki Blog will update you of new product launches so make sure you follow our Twitter account and like our Facebook page.

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