Here's the first flying camera you can wear on your wrist

By: Unknown, October 26, 2014

Nixie is the first flying wearable camera. You wear it on your wrist just like you would with a regular watch, then set it free whenever you want it to capture a photo or record a video of you.

The quadcopter flies above you and follows you as you move around. When you're done you can call it back, and Nixie comes back to you so you can wear it on your wrist again.

It's the coolest way to take selfies, but it's also useful for mountain climbers and hikers looking for the perfect YouTube video. The camera pairs with your smartphone to allow quick sharing of captured videos.

Nixie is still in development. You can sign up to be notified of updates by visiting their website: When you're done you may as well sign up to be notified of new posts on Alwaraki Blog using the sign up box below!

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