5 Reasons You Should Read From Your iPad

By: Unknown, January 27, 2015

When Eddy Cue first proposed the idea of iBooks to Steve Jobs, he dismissed it. Now years later, the iPad as well as other reading devices have helped e-reading grow. I'm not crediting the iPad for the success of e-reading, but it's certainly had a role.

Back to the main topic, below are 5 reasons why you should read from an iPad, or any other e-reading device:

1) It all syncs

Your current page, notes and bookmarks sync between your devices. With the example of Apple products, you can start reading from your Mac, and carry on reading using your iPad. Your iPad will automatically open the page you last read on your Mac.

2) Don't need to carry a specific product around

All your books are stored on your device and on the cloud. Whether it's on a day to day basis, or if you're travelling to another country; chances are you'll have your phone or tablet with you and can read from them. There's no need to carry around a book, or several books with you.

3) Night mode

If you like to read in dark places, perhaps in your bedroom before you sleep, then an e-reading device is likely a much more attractive option to you. This is because most e-reading applications support night mode, meanwhile books are pretty much unreadable in the dark!

4) Books are cheaper

In most cases, buying an ebook is cheaper than a regular book. The price difference is due to the lower cost of selling an ebook since no paper and printing are involved, and there's no cost per book to the author or book publisher.

5) More built in features

A regular book can only be used to read. A book on an iPad has much more extended capabilities. You can have Siri read out paragraphs for you, some books on the iBooks Store have their own built in reader. Additionally, if there's a word you don't know the meaning of you can instantly find its definition. Interactive diagrams and images are also useful, especially in the case of a textbook.

Final thoughts

E-reading is a growing category. Most users, including me, are resistant to e-reading at first and prefer reading from a physical book "because it feels better". However, after I was forced to read a book from my iPad for a few days until I could get my hands on the actual book I accepted the idea of e-reading. A year later, I'm all in for e-reading, and when I see someone reading from a physical book I think to myself:

"You're missing out".

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