Climax Game: Dumb Ways To Die for Movies

By: Unknown, April 15, 2015
Most of you are familiar with the Dumb Ways to Die game. Short mini levels with three lives and fast paced game-play. Climax by Baikin Studios has a similar gaming style, but with a different concept. Instead of playing mini games where you avoid dumb deaths, you play mini games related to some very popular movies.

The game has 60 different movies. You have 10 unlocked by default and can unlock more as you reach higher scores. This gives an incentive to play the game more often as there's a challenge to defeat.

What I like about Climax is that it's a movie quiz done right. Instead of giving users questions with answers on movies, you're given a mini game with no instructions at all. You'll have to use your knowledge of the movie as well as your gaming skills to complete each level. That's a much more fun way to test your movie knowledge than a multiple choice quiz.

However, some levels made no sense to me. Perhaps because I haven't seen the corresponding movie. It can get slightly annoying when you lose on a high score because you have no idea what to do. But that's not much of an issue as the level will make sense after a few tries anyway.

Climax is made for movie lovers. If you've seen great classic movies such as The Titanic, King Kong and Star Wars and would like to find out how much you really know, then this game is for you. It's an innovative way to test your movie knowledge while keeping the process fun and challenging.

The game is available for both iPhone and Android phones for $0.99 as a discounted launch price. If you're interested, be sure to check it out before the price goes up! 

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