Hidden New iOS 8 Feature Ensures You Never Lose Your iPhone

By: Unknown, April 17, 2015
Losing your iPhone seems to be very common these days. It's why Apple introduced Find My iPhone, a feature which most people have turned on. But there is one new feature introduced in iOS 8 that is off by default, and I would like to encourage you all to turn it on.

The feature is found if you head over to Settings --> iCloud --> Find My iPhone. There's a new toggle called "Send Last Location". This sends the location of your iPhone to Apple's servers when your battery gets too low. The point of this is because if your iPhone has no battery you are unable to check it's location using Find My iPhone.

I'm assuming that the feature is off by default for privacy concerns. But I would recommend you turn it on so that if your iPhone is lost and out of charge, you'll still have a rough idea of where you can find it.

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