Get someone to fill up your car's gas tank for you

By: Unknown, May 16, 2015
Technology is rapidly advancing, and it's gradually doing things for us that we usually don't want to do ourselves. Think of online shopping for example. It's a lot more convenient to buy goods online than to physically go to a shop. A lot of people are pleased with this new approach of technology doing things for us.

Filld is an app that may seem like an April Fool's joke, but is 100% real. The app refills your gas for you so that you don't have to do it yourself. All you have to do is tap a button on your screen.

When you request a tank, someone will drive a pickup with a gas tank to the location of your car and will fill the tank for you. Forget driving to the gas station, the gas station comes to you. Welcome to 2015.

While the app is convenient and will save you a few minutes a week you may be wondering how much it costs you to use the app. With Filld you'll pay the local price of gas plus a $7 delivery fee. For some people the $7 fee seems reasonable as it saves them time. But for others perhaps it's not worth it since it'll likely only take you a few minutes to get to a gas station.

Below is a video from Filld's website:

What do you think of Filld? Is it worth the money or do you think it's a sign of extreme laziness in society today?

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