The perfect Apple WWDC that will never happen

By: Unknown, June 2, 2015
With Apple's WWDC less than a week away, I decided to share my views on the perfect conference that'll sadly never happen. I repeat this is a figment of my imagination and it's the inner fanboy in me who wishes for this to become reality so here goes.

Saurik announces Cydia in iOS 9

Apple finally realises it's time to give power users some more flexibility over their device. Tim Cook declares there'll be a surprise guest and up comes onto the stage no other but Saurik. He announces his partnership with Apple. Allowing users to download Cydia through the settings app after many many warnings and cautions on how this voids the warranty and puts your device at risk, of course.

Mac OS X and iOS on non-Apple hardware

When Apple first started it was a hardware business. Perhaps it still is, but it's shifting a lot towards iCloud services and applications. Apple decides it's time to let users install OS X and iOS on non-Apple devices. Apple partners with several phone manufacturers, excluding Samsung because now why would anyone want their rival to prosper, to allow its operating system on their phones and computers. Or better yet they make their services available on other platforms. As they realise the new music streaming service will benefit greatly from more users since more users means more money and Apple loves money.

Facetime and iMessage cross platform

Just like the music service, advantages of a larger user base are realised here as well. Users who are too stubborn to switch to iOS need not worry. The fruit company release both apps on the Play Store this summer for $0.99 each. And Facetime gets group calling too.

Half price on all Apple products

Apple realises its got enough money to last forever so it decides to cut down all its prices by half to allow more users to buy their devices at an affordable price. In fact they go Oprah style and, just like old times, give you a free watch if you ask nicely!

Fresh start with Google

Steve Jobs has been quoted saying:
"I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this."
But hey, the past is in the past! Tim Cook and Larry Page agree on stage to begin a fresh start between both companies and strengthen relationships between them.

Aaaaand... Back to reality 

None of this will happen. Perhaps cross platform apps might happen, but none of the others. Apple is a business not a charity. Have you got anything to add to the perfect conference that will never happen? Or maybe you got a dream conference planned of your own? Tell us in the comments below.

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