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By: Kumail Hussain, September 16, 2015
Imagine it's a sunny day and you're chatting with this girl you like and your friends want to stay updated on the situation. One option could be to screenshot multiple times and then send all the images to your pals. However, this doesn't always work since some messaging apps like WhatsApp do not send the images in the right order. This results in you explaining to your friends the order of the chat for the next five minutes.

Let's take another situation, you're reading an article which you find interesting and want to share it with your parents. Normally, you would simply share the URL of the webpage but knowing your parents, you know they won't know how to open it. So you take screenshots but you face the same problem mentioned above.

The question is, is there no other way? Well the answer is, there is. For Android the savior app is called, Stitch & Share: big screenshot.

Note: iPhone users can download a free app called Tailor that does the same job. It works a lot like Stich & Share for Android.

The welcome screen

When you install and setup you are welcomed by a screen where you have the option of making stitched screenshots of older photos by pressing the "+" button at top right and selecting the photos you would like to stitch together. In the settings there is an option for automatically detecting screenshots. I'd suggest keeping this on since it saves you time by joining screenshots together as soon as you take them.

When you take the screenshots you get a notification from the app about the combined screenshots. After clicking it you are taken to a page showing how the final stitched screenshot will look like.

Below is an example of a stitched image:

As you can see the app gets rid of the status bar and navigation bar for you.It also allows you to highlight or censor parts of the screenshot, however, you will need to get the premium version to choose colors of your choice. You can then share it as a file or as a URL. If you decide to share it as a file just be warned some messaging apps reduce the quality of the photo making it unreadable.

Both Stitch & Share (Android) and Tailor (iPhone) are available for free on their respective stores. You can download them using the links below.

-Download Stitch & Share for Android
-Download Tailor for iPhone

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