How to get Netflix for roughly half the price

By: Unknown, February 8, 2016
After a sudden expansion, Netflix is now available in almost every country. Chances are you already have a Netflix subscription or you're considering one. If you already have a Netflix subscription then you'll need to make a new account in order to take advantage of this half-price workaround.

Not many people are aware that Netflix charges different prices in different countries. I've done some googling and it seems that Netflix in Colombia is cheaper than anywhere else in the world.

In the UK, a basic Netflix plan will cost you £6 a month, while the premium costs £9 a month. In contrast, the basic plan in Colombia costs the equivalent of £3.5 while the premium costs only £6. So you could be getting premium for the same price as a basic plan if you follow this trick.

Here's what you need to do.

1. Download Hola VPN

You can download any VPN that supports Colombia in order to move on to the next step. I suggest download Hola VPN as it's free, available on many platforms and easy to install.

Download Hola

2. Use Hola to trick Netflix into thinking you're in Colombia

If you've installed Hola on Google Chrome you'll notice a little smiling fire icon at the top right with all your other extensions. If you've installed it on another platform then the procedure is still very similar, feel free to leave a comment if you need assistance.

When on Netflix you can click the Hola icon at the extensions area then select the country. Make sure you select Colombia if you want to pay the lowest price!

3. Sign up

Go through the usual sign up process. You should be told about your free month trial. Netflix will require you to put in your credit card details, however they will only start charging you once your free month is over. You can cancel within the first month if you wish to do so and you'll not be charged.

It's worth pointing out that you can change your plan at any time in the future without having to use the VPN again, and your plan prices will still remain low. So feel free to try out a plan and change later.

4. Uninstall Hola (Optional)

Now that you're done signing up you can uninstall your VPN. For Chrome you can go to the extensions screen and disable it there. If you downloaded the desktop app then you can uninstall it from the Control Panel of your computer.

You will not need a VPN to watch shows and movies on Netflix so it's no longer essential. I keep Hola on my computer so I can watch shows that aren't yet available in my country. It's optional whether or not you keep Hola, but if you do keep it I recommend switching countries from Colombia to USA.

Final Thoughts

So the trick is to make Netflix think you're in Colombia when subscribing to your plan. You may be thinking: will this limit my content? The answer is no.

Netflix offers content based on where you currently are and not where you were when you created your account. So as soon as your account is created and you've put in your payment details you can turn off your VPN and never use it again. Netflix will detect your location and provide you with content based on where you're currently living. You can continue using the VPN and switch to USA if you want to get more content than anywhere else in the world, but that's optional.

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