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By: Unknown, June 13, 2016
The iPhone 7 Plus is rumoured to feature a dual-lens camera. While we don't exactly know the reason for it, some people speculate that it may be used to take a photo at different focus levels, then allow the user to edit the focus of the photo after taking it.

If you can't wait till the release of the iPhone 7 Plus in September for this functionality then you may want to check out Live Focus. Live Focus is an app that allows you to take a picture then adjust the focus later on.

It works by taking the picture at a variety of focal points, then allowing you to use a slider to adjust focus level.

The app is really simple to use. Just press the shutter button, and it'll take the different picture automatically for you. A recent update even allows exporting the pictures as a GIF to show the change in focus, which is really good.

Below is a GIF I made using Live Focus. The quality isn't great but in keep in mind this is probably because I have an old iPhone.

Notice how the focus changes between the laptop and the King of Diamonds

Focus changing between the mouse and the TV

Perhaps, one disadvantage of using this over the stock camera app is capture speed. Since the app takes a variety of photos, it'll take a couple seconds or more to snap that one picture. So if you're after a quick shot then you're better off with using the stock camera app. However, if you're willing to keep a steady hand for a few seconds and take the photo then you may want to give this app a try.

Also, keep in mind that photos have to be taken using the Live Focus app for the functionality to work.

The app is well built with a great design. It also features some really nice filters that are quick to apply. Some premium filters are locked behind an in-app purchase. This is a bit of a bummer considering that the app itself is paid.

What I like about Live Focus is that the developers worked around the one lense limit in an innovative way. I'm not sure how often you feel the need to have a photo at different focus levels, but if it happens frequently then I'd recommend you to check out Live Focus on the App Store.

-Download Live Focus ($1.99)

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