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By: Unknown, August 7, 2016

Instagram recently released an update to its mobile apps. The update features a new way to share content. You post a picture or video, draw or add text on it, and it expires in 24 hours. Oh, and it's called Stories.

Yes, the Facebook-owned app literally cloned Snapchat. Facebook really wants to be our go-to for everything social. They want our albums on Facebook, perfectly crafted photos on Instagram, and now even random ugly selfies on Instagram stories.

This whole thing actually started a few years ago. In 2013 , Facebook tried to buy Snapchat for $3 billion. Facebook warned Snapchat that they're releasing a similar app soon that'll crush Snapchat. However, Snapchat turned down the offer (something that seemed crazy at the time). Facebook then released the Snapchat-crushing app, called Poke. Poke let you send pictures to your friends that lasted up to 10 seconds. The app failed to gather a user base and shut down shortly. #FAIL

But now Facebook just copied Snapchat in an app that has 500 million active users. I think this is likely to take off well. Third time lucky?

At first, I hated the fact that Instagram, owned by tech giant Facebook, would blatantly rip off another app. However, after using stories on Instagram, I started opening up to the idea and accepting it.

Where Snapchat beats Instagram

  • Snapchat is the OG, not a stolen product
  • You can send snaps to your friends as well as posting it as a story 
  • Fun little additions such as streaks and best friends 
  • Snapchat also has some channels that could be fun and interesting at times 
  • Fun filters to truly express yourself 

Where Instagram beats Snapchat

  • Instagram is an all-in-one app with both posts, Stories and an Explore feed 
  • You probably have more followers on Instagram than on Snapchat so expect more views for your Stories 
  • You can swipe back and forth between Stories when viewing them 
  • Uploading a story from your camera roll is a lot easier (swipe down on the camera screen)
  • Why use Snapchat and Instagram when you can stick to only Instagram? 

After giving Instagram Stories a shot, I realized that the app I use almost every day (Instagram) now has almost everything I needed from Snapchat. I won't be deleting Snapchat anytime soon, but I can already see myself shifting to Instagram a bit more.

Will you stick to Snapchat and completely avoid Instagram Stories, or will you shift more towards Instagram, or are you not sure yet? I do dislike using Instagram Stories, though, because of the lack of originality.

Side note: I wonder if this would've happened if Instagram was not owned by Facebook. Thoughts?

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