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By: Unknown, October 23, 2016
There's a myth that once every 3 seconds, the Storage Almost Full pop-up appears somewhere on someone's iPhone.

It's an annoying error and common amongst many iPhone users. This lead to some companies using it for funny adverts and others using it to solve the problem. iMyfone Umate is an app that attempts to give users more storage on their iOS devices.

It's incredibly easy to use and may be just the app you're looking for. Read on for a full review of my experience with iMyfone Umate.

The app promises to make it easy to free up lots of storage on your iOS device with just one click. When I first fired up the app, this is what I was greeted with.

27 GB of storage can be freed up? That was too good to be true, considering that I was using up 32 GB of storage on my iPhone. The app claimed it'll clear 27 out of 30 GB from my iPhone. Awesome.

Spoiler alert: it freed up 4 GB from my iPhone, which is impressive, but not 27.


I first clicked to clean the Apps. 12 GB. Sweet. I thought iMyfone Umate will clear the cache from my apps. However, it turns out that it presents all my apps and asks me to delete them all. So the 12 GB of storage is from deleting my apps, and not from deleting useless files in my apps.

That's pretty much the same thing you see when you go to Settings --> General --> Storage & iCloud Storage --> Manage Storage.

Sure, using iMyfone Umate is quicker, but only slightly quicker that it isn't necessarily worth it (when it comes to deleting apps).

Large Files

Next up, Large Files. I wasn't exactly sure what files the app will go after. Turns out it presents me with a list of my large videos and podcasts that I have on my iPhone. This one was useful considering you can't let iOS present your videos in an ascending list of size.

So if you want to check which videos are taking up all your storage in your camera roll then this will be really useful to you. However, I use Google Photos so this wasn't an issue for me. But I imagine a lot of people could find this option handy.


This is similar to the Large Files category, except it's for your photos. Once again, I highly recommend backing up your photos somewhere rather than deleting them. Perhaps you already backed up your photos on the cloud but want to keep some of them on your iPhone. Fair enough, in that case, you'll find this option useful too.

One good thing about iMyfone Umate is that it gives you the option to compress your photos without any visible changes in quality. This means less storage for the same photos. Out of my 6 GB of photos, the app could save me 800 MB. That's actually really good.

Temporary Files

This one is my favorite, and perhaps the one you're looking for too. It clears out useless files that are taking up your storage for no particularly good reason. The app claimed it can save 4 GB of storage for me by deleting files that won't affect my phone.

On the first run, the app got stuck on "About 1 min" for about 30 minutes. So I stopped the process and had 0 bytes of storage cleared. That's fine though because lots of apps have bugs, but I thought I should point it out. To be fair, the app asks you not to use your phone and I did, so it may be my fault.

I ran the Temporary Files cleaner a second time a few days later. By then I'd built up even more storage on my iPhone. It cleared over 4 GB from my iPhone, and that's impressive.

Junk Files

Junk Files are similar to Temporary Files. On my iPhone, I only had a few MBs of junk files, but I know that it's very easy to build that up. So it could be really handy clearing that.


In conclusion, iMyfone Umate will help you free up space on your iPhone. That's guaranteed. However, for significant savings, you'll have to start deleting some of your apps and videos. It's common sense, you can't get much free space without deleting things.

I managed to free 4 out of 32 GB without deleting anything from my iPhone, which is really cool.

It's important to note that deleting apps can easily be done from your iPhone; and your photos & videos can be stored on the cloud for cheaper. But, the app is undeniably useful.

You can get a free trial of iMyfone Umate, or upgrade to the Pro version for $19.95. Click here to download it.

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